About the Conference

The Social Media for Government conference is presented by the Advanced Learning Institute. A.L.I. is a leading independent conference company providing unbiased forums for discussion of best practices and solutions for business and government. Our focus is on delivering quality training which consistently meets the needs of those who attend our conferences.



  1. Hi!

    I’m really looking forward next week’s conference and meeting you all. The best part of planning is to finally meet each participant, face-to-face (or should I say, f2f?)

    It will be fun to read your comments and ideas during and after the sessions. I encourage each of you to take full advantage of the networking opportunities, as plenty of opportunities will be presented.

    Thanks again for your participation and for helping to make this event a memorable one!


  2. Hi Social Media Attendees!

    It was great meeting you all this past week. I had so much fun working for you and discussing all the latest and greatest social media techniques and trials that you face. Like everything, this is a process, and it’s great that we can continue the conversations and discussions well-beyond the conference dates.

    I will be sending you an invitation for our wiki in the next week or two. Also, keep in mind that now that you are a past attendee, you can save $200 on your next A.L.I. conference registration.

    I look forward to reading and posting. Blog on!


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