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Hello! My name is Steve Radick and in addition to being one of the primary authors of this blog, I will also be serving as your chairperson for the Social Media for Government Conference from July 14-17 in Washington, DC. I work for Booz Allen Hamilton, and am currently leading their Social Media practice. Let me assure you though, I’m not a really technical guy – I’ve got a degree in public relations from a liberal arts college, and for the last five years, I’ve provided strategic communications (media relations, stakeholder outreach, change communications, etc.) support to my government clients.

My interest in Social Media is rooted in the belief that things like blogs and wikis aren’t just new tools that communicators can use; they represent a fundamental change in how we do our work. Much like email transformed the way we communicate and collaborate, I believe that Social Media is the next step in that evolution. I feel that successful implementation of Social Media is more dependent on the people than the technology.

Hi! I’m Matthew Ingram and I work with Steve in Booz Allen’s Social Media Practice. I’ve been working with social media over the last year, helping clients understand the online landscape and the value of the discussion that takes place every day. I was very happy to be the co-blogger for the Social Media for Government Conference this year. I believe there are a lot of opportunities for agencies to engage in online discussion and showcase how government is working. Operating in an an open and transparent forum is a culture shock for many but the benefits exceed the risks.

I look forward to being a part of this conference and hope that we engage in some great dialogue over the next couple of months.


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