Happy Monday

July 28, 2008

Morning all,

I am curious whether you have had a chance to digest all of the information from the conference? What opinions have you been able to form about social media and do you see it playing a part in your organization?

I look forward to hearing from you.




  1. Hey Matt!
    I am still trying to digest all that I learned….
    I’ve been tasked to provide my organization a summary of what was discussed….wanting to pull charts out of some of the presentations, especially the pre conference workshops (A and B) I attended. Where would I find them? Thanks!

  2. Do you recall what information from workshop A caught your eye? With regard to B, I think it will be a matter of reaching out to Kelly Flynn to see if the presenter provided his presentation so they can upload it to the wiki created for the event.

    If you recall any specific information that caught your eye from session A please let me know and I’ll work with Steve Radick to make sure you get whatever you need in a PowerPoint format. We had our presentation on a wiki.

  3. Found the presentation from workshop B on Eric’s Waterwords website. Anything you and Steve could provide from workshop A would be great. I’ll keep you posted on my attempts to share the knowledge I gained!
    Thanks Matt!

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