American Cancer Society’s Social Media Experience

July 17, 2008

Speaker: David J. Neff – CIW, American Cancer Society

Topic: How to Spread Your Message And Harness The Power Of Social Media While Being Cost-Effective

David had many insights into social media since his organization had grown its online presence. To begin David offered practical advice such as, people tend not to watch video over 10 minutes long. This is a useful piece of information for future vodcasters.

When asked about time savers and tools David mentioned TubeMogul.com is a resource to consider. Of course he is just speaking about his experiences and not endorsing anything. Worldcaption.com is a resource that came to mind when the discussion turned to captioning.

David first addressed social media by looking at what it means to the general population. His goal is to get the greatest audience penetration and participation in cancer related events. In David’s opinion, social media allows the populations to take on a group think mentality around your message; people will talk about your message in good and bad ways. Whether the messages are good or bad, David mentions that any organization will experience these things and you have to deal with it, and encourage it.

When discussing how messages were previously disseminated to the general population David introduced his thoughts on the old model:

Long Leads
National Business Press
Local business press
National consumer/broadcast media

As social media has been introduced, a new media model has emerged:

Core communities
Trend spotters
First “credible” source
National media

This part was important…

David stressed that success was a result of having an interesting and unique message to help you stand out. Compelling content and digital story-telling is critical to disseminating your message. For instance recall his experience with Frozenpeafund.com and how one woman’s fight with cancer helped raise awareness and significant donations. FYI – The digital story David played online is located here http://www.sharinghope.tv/video/1706386.

As another FYI, David’s experience with social media resources include:
Global Neighbourhoods
ooVoo.com – interviews with favorite bloggers
PEW marketing research – report on-line about digital

Tracking – Google Analytics, summize.com, compete.com, tweetscan.com, Google blog alerts, Facebook search, viewzi.com


One comment

  1. David is a great motivator and well versed on a topic we can all relate to. His enthusiasm will go a long way. The real-life stories and vodcast he shared were well received. Keep up the good work.

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