Recap: Workshop B

July 15, 2008

Speaker: Eric Eckl from Water Words That Work

Topic: How To Monitor Community Conversation, Distinguish Opinion Leaders And Become Successful Ambassadors To Online Communities While Building Your Organization’s Reputation


Eric covered a great topic this afternoon. We are often reminded good listeners equal good talkers and Eric emphasized the importance of listening early on in his presentation. Listening comes first, talking second sounds much easier than it often plays out. Eric’s presentation certainly emphasized Social Media is relationship intensive and listening is the foundation of creating relationships in the social media realm. Networking is very critical.

Four parts guided the discussion this afternoon, they included:

1: Public discourse
2: The online influentials and their work ethic
3: Social etiquette
4: Five tough questions

What do you think?

1) When you reflect on your experiences, is traditional media is fading slowly from your typical consumption of journalism? What type of answers do you have?

2) Did you have an impression about the influentials? As your involvement with social media increases how do you believe you can become tuned into the influentials existing in your organization and use them to your advantage?

FYI – The names of influentials were:

Joy Towles
Tom Elko
Glenn McAnamana
Ginny C.

Key Point:

The Pareto Principle a.k.a “The 90/10 Rule” impacts many projects, especially those involving social media. This is a difficult piece of information to overcome in cases where ROI requires specific figures. To this point, Eric certainly stressed how the 10% of influentials have a large impact on the thoughts, opinions and actions of the remaining 90%.


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