Everyone’s Doing It…

July 13, 2008

Peer pressure isn’t just a tactic that teenagers use to get their friends to do stupid things (ask me about the time when, in a weak moment, I thought that I could be the only ones of my friends to jump my bike over a creek…it didn’t end well), it’s a tactic that I like to use when talking about social media, especially when speaking to my government clients.

Social Media can be very intimidating, especially for organizations who are typically resistant to change, and are very risk-averse.  Because social media can carry significant risks if not used correctly and because there isn’t a social media degree or certification upon which you can identify qualified people or organizations to implement social media, there’s a certain fear around using social media within government agencies.

  • What’s the best way to get started?
  • I don’t understand what all the buzz is about
  • Are there other examples of this being done successfully?
  • Nobody on my staff has the time or expertise to do this
  • What’s the benefit of using social media?
  • There’s too much risk and potential for something bad to happen

Here’s where peer pressure can be a good thing.  Guess what – everyone’s doing it [social media] already.  Take a look at this article that gives some really good examples of where the government has already incorporated social media into their strategies.  Make sure that you scroll all the way down to read the comments where even more examples and real-life success stories are being debated.  Another good resource to where else social media is being used successfully is Usa.gov – check out their list of government blogs, RSS feeds, podcasts and other social media.

So you see, there are others who are doing it, who are doing it successfully, and who are very willing to talk about how social media has worked/not worked for them.  So come on, everyone else is doing it – why don’t you give social media a try too?



  1. I will not be able to attend the conference due to prior arrangements in Chicago. However, I was wondering if there will be any audio,video or articles about the show..

    Please let me know!

    Thank you,

  2. I will be uploading as many pictures, YouTube videos, and presentations as I can to this blog. Check back over the next few days for updates.

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