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June 11, 2008

A tip to Chris Hemrick for passing along more Intellipedia news.  According to this FWC.com article, the intelligence community is looking for ways (and to others) to further collaboration across the agencies even more that it does now.  Intellipedia has the users but the full power of it has yet to be realized.

About 70,000 users from the intelligence community, other federal agencies and local law enforcement, along with sponsored academics and experts, can search, add and edit entries in Intellipedia, a wiki for the intelligence community. It is the best known of ODNI’s Web 2.0 collaboration tools…

…“There [are] a lot of awesome topics, but many of them are kind of neutral,” said Chris Rasmussen, a social-software knowledge manager and trainer at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Rasmussen also promotes social-software use in the intelligence community at large.

“People haven’t really got to the real hard part,” Rasmussen said. The hard part is creating finished intelligence products that are authored collaboratively on the wiki. That is a greater challenge than simply posting individual agencies’ intelligence reports.

Rasmussen says it’s about changing the culture.  So true. Intellipedia has made leaps and bounds when it comes to  sharing information but there is more to be done to address the people side, to help drive awareness, adoption and ultimately ownership of the tools across agencies.

It’s about recognizing social media as a new way of working by harnessing the collective knowledge of others to benefit all.  And those others are likely to be people you don’t even know but can fill in gaps that your circle can’t quite tackle.  Sure, it is uncomfortable to let the masses come in and edit your work but it’s a good thing.


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  1. Great post — I’m sorry I didn’t see this until just now. Intellipedia is doing incredible things to change the govt culture into one that promotes information sharing; and I’m excited to be a very small part of it.

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